JUNON Switch In The Online Training Of The 127th Online Canton Fair - May 14

- May 15, 2020-

Besides the training of 13rd, another training was arranged on 14th. JUNON Switch continued to arrange relevant personnel to participate in the online training.

The theme is: how to display enterprise materials and improve the conversion rate in the online Canton Fair

online Canton Fair training  1

The content is:

1. What is the new way of Internet Canton Fair

2. The creation of video and picture materials for enterprises in the Internet Canton Fair

3. How to seize the new opportunity to show the strength of enterprises

4. How to promote transformation through the application of content materials

 online Canton Fair training  2

Through the two-day training, JUNON Switch has made a lot of clear operation of the online Canton Fair. I hope that in the next preparations, JUNON Switch can apply the key points of the training and put them into practice, laying a solid foundation for the online Canton Fair in middle of June!