JUNON Switch In The Course Of Understanding Middle Eastern Customer Behavior

- Nov 27, 2019-


muslims culture 2On the afternoon of 26th Nov. JUNON switch, Made In China arranged a course about understanding Middle East Customer behavior. Around 300 people attended this course, JUNON switch also arranged 3 export sales people attended. To learn more about this is better for us to handle with our Middle Eastern customers.

 muslims culture 3

Key points of the course:

1. Middle Eastern business etiquettes and traditions  

2. Effective actions and responses to stop price bargaining with Middle Eastern buyers  

3. How to negotiate price- while keeping Middle Eastern buyers happy  

4. How to handle difficult customers

 muslims culture4

The whole course invited a foreign friend to be the lecturer, he is humorous and nice. For this total 3 hours, we really learnt a lot, really it is a big help for JUNON switch to deal with the Middle Eastern customers or Muslims customers. As JUNON switch about 70% business are Muslims countries.


Anyway, hope Made in China will always arrange this kind of course and sure we JUNON switch will arrange related people to attend to learn more and improve ourselves.