JUNON Switch In The Course Of How To Improve The Arrival, Opening Rate And Response Rate Of Foreign Mail

- Sep 23, 2019-

In the afternoon of 20th September, JUNON Switch was invited to attend a course of How to improve the arrival, opening rate and response rate of foreign mail which is hold by Made in China.

swtich in made in china course 1

Course background:

Many foreign trade people have encountered the situation of developing letters and emails, and generally everyone is to reflect on the reasons and methods from the content of the mail itself.

But as foreign traders in the Internet age, should we look at it differently, from a professional and technical point of view, to analyze whether the buyer has not received the goods or not the reason for the reaction, so it will be more suitable for the treatment of the case. Today, we invite Han, who has many years of experience in the field of online promotion, from SEO,

SNS and other technical aspects analyze the skills to improve mail arrival, opening, and response rates, and how to deal with them.

swtich in made in china course 2

Course Content:

Reasons for failure to reach customer inbox and solutions

Customer's response to receiving email but not opening it

Third, how to stimulate customer response motivation, excitement


In this course, JUNON switch foreign staff knew more about the reasons of why the feedback of our promotion emails are so bad and surely will know how to improve the skills of emails sending.

swtich in made in china course 3