JUNON Switch In Seminar On Exchange Rate Analysis

- Nov 13, 2019-

exchange rate 1A century of new vitality of financial institutions, the traditional mode of Operation Integration of new functions! The Bank of China, Shunde Branch is a secondary branch, which ranks among the top institutions in the province. Today, under the guidance of the Regional Economic Promotion Bureau, the Bank of China held a seminar on integrated financial and exchange rate analysis. JUNON Switch also sent export sales people to attend this meeting to learn more.

exchange rate 2

The meeting invited a number of senior provincial experts, both forward-looking macro-analysis, but also the specific operation of dry goods guidance. Once again, the import and export enterprises must adhere to the risk-neutral financial philosophy, reduce the risk of production and operation, to achieve the main business for profit.

exchange rate 3

The exchange rate has recently fallen back from above 7, which has no effect on Junon Switch for the time being, but Junon Switch company is also highly concerned about the daily exchange rate changes, when the exchange rate is high, to offer customers a price reduction notice, deeply loved by customers. Hope that the exchange rate will remain stable in the next few months, so that Junon Switch export performance task can be successfully completed!