JUNON Switch In Jimei Group Introduction

- Aug 21, 2019-

On the afternoon of August 20, 2019 at the sales center of Xinhe Lake View Apartment, the Foshan Five Star Building Materials Home Engineering Alliance, hold a JIMEI GROUP INTRODUCTION. JUNON Switch also sent the export sales manager to attend this meeting to see if we have any chance to cooperate with JIMEI GROUP.

It invited more than 30 famous companies in Foshan city to join this meeting, and two of the companies already signed contracts with JIMEI GROUP.

Switch introduction 2

Driven by the global layout of the "Belt and Road" of the country, follows the "Internet + Big Data, Physical Alliance Exhibition and Sales Exhibition" and other methods, and actively cooperates with the Foshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce to promote the construction of the "Foshan Pan-Home Overseas Exhibition Hall". Make full use of the advantages of the cooperation units in gathering services, market interface, project cooperation, and channel expansion. With the project as the driving force, resources integration, information sharing, and centralized procurement methods are used to lead members to cooperate and jointly open up domestic and foreign markets.

Switch introduction 4

The Project Advantages of Jimei Decoration Industrial Park

1, the market space is vast

2, low input cost, free of rent for two years;

3, do not consider the market and channel promotion, using FOB procurement settlement method;

4, government subsidies

5, obvious operational advantages: five major sales channels will quickly boost product sales

1 200 + professional sales team;

2 200 + designer team;

3 100 + decoration company;

4 Supply chain online platform;

Jimei real estate project own procurement.

6, new business model

Switch introduction 5

At that time, the head of the project of the French Jimei Company also attended the meeting and meet with the guests to discuss the scene, answer doubts and discuss the development.

Switch introduction 1

After this meeting, JUNON switch found that it is really a good chance and a very attractive project for us to sell our switches and sockets and lightings to Europe or French!