JUNON Switch In Google Training

- Jan 10, 2020-

Weak export growth of foreign trade enterprises? Lack of talents? Lack of customers? Short order? In fact, orders search you in Google every day, and people who understand Google's promotion have double global self driving performance. People who don't understand Google can only squeeze buses on the platform every day. On January 9, google training center comprehensively analyze the most authentic operation method of Google ads account and the survival rule of independent foreign trade station, teach you a way to defeat the enemy, and effectively achieve 10 times order growth! And JUNON switch was been invited to attend this training.

google training 1

Key points of the course

1. Through GA data analysis from 1 to n to improve the conversion rate of the website.

2. Set up B2B independent foreign trade station for overseas purchasers to understand and remember, making inquiry easier.

3. Listen to the voice of overseas buyers, master their preferences, and achieve more targeted communication.

4. Uncover the thunderbolt and pain points of independent station operation, and get rid of the dilemma of not included in the website, low ranking, low conversion rate, etc.

google training 2

After this training, really we JUNON Switch can effectively achieve 10 times order growth!