JUNON Switch In Google Ads Training

- Sep 03, 2019-

JUNON Switch in Google Ads Training

-- How to make use of GOOGLE ADS to realize preheating before exhibition and multiply the benefits of exhibition

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The data showed that 46 per cent of procurement staff were under 34 years of age, an increase of 70 per cent over the past two years. Overseas procurement staff are getting younger and younger, and the procurement process is gradually shifting from offline to online. How to catch the trend of online transformation of foreign trade enterprises. Improve the efficiency of the offline exhibition by making online data available? How to focus on passivity, stand out from many peers, and effectively win buyers 'attention and trust? How accurate layout of foreign trade peak season, from the flow of detonation sales, create new sales miracle?

JUNON Switch attended the training on September 2nd , THOMAS will unlock the correct posture promoted on the line of the foreign trade season from the "alternative" perspective, leading you to open the era of cross-border e-commerce in China with global strategic layout.


KEY POITNS of this training:

1. Before entering the war, how to seize the lifeblood of overseas digital marketing, multi-dimensional efforts to fully divert the exhibition?

2. During the exhibition, how to quickly capture the buyer's favor, one step quickly, win the trade opportunity?

3. Case sharing: learn from the successful experience of the peers, with the help of multi-channel promotion to achieve the growth of foreign trade orders.


October Canton Fair is coming soon, I believe that JUNON switch this time will prepare better than previous fair specially after this training. Also hope we will get more orders in October Fair.