JUNON Switch In CCCME Online Training 4.2

- Apr 03, 2020-

In order to help foreign trade enterprises overcome the impact of the epidemic, understand the relevant management and operation of international trade logistics, and avoid the risk of international trade, CCCME held the online special training exchange activity of "cross border logistics under the epidemic" on the afternoon of April 2 (Thursday). JUNON Switch of course catch this good chance to know more.

cccme training 2

UPS guests were invited to introduce relevant knowledge about the impact of logistics and supply chain under the epidemic and customs issues of import and export materials during the epidemic, and share classic cases. Training related matters are as follows:

 cccme training 3

Topic of the meeting: "cross border logistics under epidemic situation" in the lecture hall of China Chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical industry

In this on line training, about 300 business representatives attended the meeting, JUNON Switch representative also sent questions and comments on recent Logistics, and we all leant a lot about the international logistic situation, and thanks so much for CCCME for holding this meaningful training.