JUNON Switch In 2019 Commercial Certification Business Training

- Dec 24, 2019-

switch in training 1In order to help enterprises use preferential measures to enhance their international competitiveness, and to ensure that enterprises and in time, safely and smoothly handling customs clearance and foreign exchange settlement, CCPIT will hold business certification training in 2019, and experts from CCPIT will be invited to give lectures on site.JUNON switch sent one member of export department attended this meeting.

switch in training  2 

Meeting content:

(1) Introduction to preferential certificate of origin business

(2) Introduction to free sale certificate and brand certification

(3) Update on ATA carnet and other businesses

(4) Interactive communication of enterprise questions

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During this training , our people know more about the commercial certification issues, which help us more in related certifications. And hope JUNON Switch the related customers’ different needs.