JUNON Switch How To Play The Games Of SEM & SEO??

- Aug 22, 2019-

google meeting-1On August 21, 2019, JUNON switch’s staff attended the meeting of how to do the latest SEM + SEO gameplay.

A cruel fact is that the cost of getting customers is soaring, and traffic is becoming more and more expensive. With the on-line flow dividend receding, how can foreign trade companies get rid of the Red Sea price station and gain a chance to survive in the global market during the white-hot competition? What are the core factors that affect GOOGLE's natural search rankings and bid rankings? How to correctly interpret and reasonably use the relationship between SEM and SEO, screen effective customers, and quickly win orders?

In the meeting, two deep cultivation overseas marketing experts for many years, already analyzed the latest SEM + SEO gameplay, with you to explore the latest opportunities for overseas markets!

google meeting-3



Eight years of Google account promotion practice and management experience, specializing in overseas account promotion and website user data analysis, proficient in GOOGLE ADS, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK and other overseas digital marketing promotion. Manage hundreds of overseas promotion accounts and successfully help a number of well-known domestic and foreign companies to explore overseas markets and enhance brand influence. The cooperative customer renewal rate is as high as 70 %.

Ma Wei

Manager, Technical Department

18 years of system development technology background and network marketing experience, programmer of Hunan International Television Communication Co., Ltd., marketing director of a laser industry listed company, GOOGLE ADS certified advertising expert, proficient in Google search ranking algorithm and SEO optimization techniques.



1) A comprehensive understanding of GOOGLE ADS advertising system, in-depth explanation of new and old customers to improve strategy skills

2) How to make high-conversion GND advertising materials and find the most suitable audience positioning,

3) The indispensable way for B2B companies to obtain customers: using GMAIL advertisements to intercept competitors 'customers.

4) Foreign trade should know the basic principles of SEO.

5) From the perspective of SEO, how should the excellent foreign trade website layout content,

6) Learn about the important indicators of SEO optimization, fast screen homepage

7) SEOVS SEM How should we choose.

google meeting-2 

JUNON switch is now promoting our switch and socket, distribution box and LED lights by google, during this meeting, we knew more of the skills of how to play the SEO & SEM, hope in a short time, our promotions can see the good news and good orders as well.