JUNON Switch Helps Customers Purchase Masks

- Apr 10, 2020-

COVID-19 is spreading more and more globally, and the epidemic situation is much more severe than in China. The demand for protective products such as respirators is also rising sharply, and it is difficult to find a channel to buy it.

mask 2 

JUNON Switch has some agents who have the same problem, so please ask us for help. JUNON Switch has always treated customers like family members. We are bound to ask our customers now. Recently, JUNON Switch has purchased 30000 masks for Philippine agents. It takes three days from the customer's request to the arrival of the masks. The masks will be airlifted to customers in these two days to solve a big problem for customers.

mask 3

mask 1


JUNON Switch not only has high-quality requirements for its own products, such as switches and sockets, distribution box and LED lights,  but also has the same high-quality requirements for the products that our customers ask us to help purchase, such as this mask, as well as the usual small gifts. It is the consistent style and attitude of JUNON Switch to be responsible for customers and to be conscientious. Therefore, JUNON Switch 's partners are willing to follow JUNON Switch for a long time and cooperate in the long run.