JUNON Switch Chongqing Operation Center Establishment Conference

- Aug 26, 2019-

On August 24th, in addition to the hot weather in China, Chongqing also added an event with a high atmosphere. This is: the establishment of the JUNON Switch Chongqing Operation Center and the victory of the City Partners Conference!

switch conference 1

At the meeting, JUNON Switch’s sales director Huangfenglan personally went to Chongqing to witness this important moment, and introduced in detail the advantages of JUNON products and various support policies, and was unanimously recognized by all partners present. At the meeting, the atmosphere was warm. The partners spoke freely and expressed their opinions. All of them expressed their own unique opinions on the future of JUNON. At the same time, they also put forward valuable opinions on where JUNON can be further improved.

switch conference 4

It took one day to complete the strategic summit of Chongqing JUNON Switch Partners and thanked the partners for their choice and loyalty to the JUNON switch& socket!

switch conference 5