JUNON Switch – Beijing Trip To JingDong Headquaters

- Oct 31, 2019-

A few days ago, the main person in charge of JUNON Switch department of electrical and commercial affairs launched a 3 day trip to Beijing.

JUNON Switch in Beijing JingDong trip 1

The main purpose of this trip to Beijing is to visit the headquarters of Jingdong and talk with the main leaders about the development plan of JUNON Switch self-operated stores in 2020, as well as the resources to obtain cooperation channels for government agencies and institutions through the Jingdong Bridge.

JUNON Switch in Beijing JingDong trip 2

JUNON Switch has a flagship store in Jingdong Mall. It is a major way for domestic e-commerce sales. JUNON Switch's e-commerce department has been established for 2 years and the results achieved are obvious. This visit hopes to create better results without e-commerce sales in the next year.

PS: The website of JUNON Switch Jingdong flagship store is as follows:



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