- Nov 01, 2019-

Foshan customs office in shunde take the initiative to serve the local foreign trade industry, on 31st Oct. afternoon by the department led the team to the enterprise scene, with shunde import and export Chamber of commerce a dozen representative enterprises face to face, zero distance communication, JUNON Switch also attended this meeting.

customs meeting 2

At the meeting, many experts from the Customs Management Division II Division took questions and answers in the form of questions and answers on many common issues of concern to the industry. They have both policy interpretations and practical details and guidance, and they can easily communicate with each other. The enterprise personnel present at the meeting feel that they have learned a lot. The chief of the customs department took the initiative to make better use of the business association platform in the future, strengthen exchanges with members of the Export-Import Chamber of Commerce, organize related thematic training, and effectively assist enterprises to improve customs clearance efficiency and help the economic development of Shunde.

customs meeting 1

JUNON Switch thanks so much for the shunde customs, who take care of the related companies and try their best to help us to solve the related problems which happened in the customs.