JUNON Switch Assists Staff In Processing Hong Kong-Macau Laissez-passer

- Aug 02, 2019-

In 2019, JUNON switch annual tourism work is being carried out, and the Macau line, one of the tourist routes, requires Hong Kong-Macau laissez-passer. Division I take into account that most of the workshop staff are foreign employees, and have not been to Macau, and certainly do not have Hong Kong-Macau laissez-passer, organized this event.

JUNON switch assist the staff 3

This time, the company informed the employees who need to carry the information in advance, and arranged for the car and driver to pick up the staff, so that employees can successfully enter into Macau.

JUNON switch assist the staff 2

Although this issue employee can go to deal with themselves, JUNON switch think about what employee’s thoughts, so that employees are deeply touched. This small move once again reflects JUNON's employee-based concept of making JUNON switch company as home.

JUNON switch assist the staff 1