JUNON Switch And Shunde Import And Export Chamber Of Commerce Visited Jiangmen Association Of Foreign Invested Enterprises

- Dec 14, 2019-

In order to learn the working experience of the advanced monitoring points of the foreign trade operation monitoring system of Guangdong Province and strengthen the interaction and exchange between business associations, on December 11, 2019, the Secretary General of Shunde chamber of Commerce for import and export of Foshan City led JUNON switch company and other well-known enterprises in Shunde to visit Jiangmen foreign trade investment enterprise association, which was warmly received by the other party. The exchange forum was held in the conference room of Jiangmen foreign economic and Trade Accounting Association. The personnel of the three business associations discussed the experience and problems encountered in the monitoring work, and also exchanged views on the construction and development of the business association and other matters related to the meeting affairs.

switch factory visiting 1

At the meeting, Jiangmen Association of foreign investment enterprises first introduced their own development process and current basic situation, and then Shunde chamber of Commerce for import and export also introduced its own basic situation and Shunde's industrial status. After that, we had a detailed exchange on how to do a good job in the work of monitoring points, such as experience sharing. The head of Shunde chamber of Commerce for import and export learned that Jiangmen colleagues had a precise grasp of the spirit of provincial documents. Jiangmen and Jiangmen monitoring points fully recognized some effective measures taken by Shunde monitoring points in the interaction with sample enterprises, and said that they would follow suit in the future. Finally, we also discussed the bottleneck problems and self hematopoiesis functions encountered in the construction and development of each other, and carried out multi-dimensional communication on how to better serve the member units.

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Face to face communication makes the colleagues of several business associations feel more cordial, deepen mutual understanding, and will be more conducive to future communication. The meeting has achieved good results. Everyone said that in the future, we should further strengthen communication and interaction, and we must go out more, and have more exchanges with other business associations and institutions, so as to better learn from each other and make common progress.