JUNON Switch And Other 20 Shunde Enterprises Came To India International Consumer Electronics Exhibition

- Dec 13, 2019-

In recent days, 20 Shunde enterprises have also made their debut at the international consumer electronics exhibition in India. "Made in Shunde" set off a boom in India on December 12-14, 2019 India International Consumer Electronics Exhibition and 2019 Guangdong (India) commodity exhibition were held in Pragati Maidan Exhibition Center, New Delhi, India. Shunde organized 20 enterprises such as JUNON Switch, Wanhe and Rongsheng to participate in the exhibition, and carried out overall special decoration with "made in Shunde" to promote "made in Shunde".

JUNON switch in India show 1

It is reported that the exhibition is an international exhibition specially held for home appliances and electronic products. It is an international professional exhibition specially designed for Chinese enterprises by the National Chamber of Commerce in India, China Chamber of Commerce in India and China Chamber of Commerce.

The exhibition center has held a number of international and national exhibitions. With an internal exhibition space of 72000 square meters, it is the largest exhibition center in New Delhi.

JUNON switch in India show 2

This time, Shunde has an exhibition area of 225 square meters. Among them, JUNON Switch publicizes and highlights the corporate image and product brand through special booth.