JUNON Switch 37th Anniversary

- Nov 18, 2020-

Autumn is the harvest season. In the harvest season, JUNON Switch ushered in the 37th anniversary of the company. In the jubilant festival of factory day, the leaders of the company extend sincere greetings and high respect to all employees!

junon switch 2

JUNON, with the integrity of the industry to show the quality;

JUNON, with lofty spirit and broad mind, shows ambition of a national enterprise to the world;

JUNON, with a long pace and pragmatic imprint to the history of an excellent enterprise tempering!

As the epidemic situation of COVID-19 has not been completely ended, JUNON Switch continues to implement the policy of "focusing on epidemic prevention and production at the same time". In order to consolidate the achievements made in epidemic prevention, the company does not organize or participate in dinners and gatherings, reducing the number of people gathering. The company makes the following arrangements for the factory day (18th Nov.)

junon switch 31. The factory day (18th Nov.) has a day off.

2. Each employee will be given a gift of RMB100.

3. A commemorative gift (a 37 year anniversary umbrella) will be given to each employee.