JUNON Sent Moon Cakes To Welcome The Mid-Autumn Festival

- Sep 10, 2019-

In cooling day, is about to usher in the traditional Chinese festival-Mid-Autumn Festival.

On the occasion of the festival, JUNON Switch celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with its employees. On September 10th , the company's Human Resources Department prepared a beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake for each employee. Hope that employees and their families will celebrate the festival and taste delicious Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes. To convey the true feelings of Dane's caring staff. Heart of staff, Mid-Autumn festival gifts, care for employees, at the delivery of moon cakes to see, the moon cakes received by the colleagues each smile, because the hands of each box of moon cakes is a company's heart. They can share it with family and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and let friends and family enjoy it.

mid-autumn festival 3

Human resources colleagues said that at the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company sent the truth with moon cakes, the heart of the staff, and practiced "care for employees, starting from the heart", hoping to send employees the most sincere wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival through the exquisite moon cake gift box. Thank you for your trust and support. "Human-oriented", all-round care for employees, and employees grow together.

mid-autumn festival 5

Since its establishment, JUNON Switch has always upheld the concept of "people-oriented" corporate core talents and has continuously practiced "caring for employees and starting from the heart." JUNON continues to improve the employee welfare system, in addition to the basic welfare system: for example, various festivals are given holiday gifts, employees 'birthdays are celebrated, birthday gifts are given, employee dinners and outings are held, and employee party parties are held at the end of the year. The company gives help to the employee's life problems, gives counseling to the employee's inner confusion, and gives the employee's career development planning. Take career development as an example. The company arranges training for each new JUNON employee who has just joined the company. It helps new employees quickly understand the company's situation, understand the company's business, and arrange "career mentors" for guidance after the job to help employees quickly. Competence. For employees who have worked for JUNON for a period of time, the company regularly conducts professional skills training to help employees continuously improve their business skills, improve their performance, and create greater value for the company; For long-term managers working at JUNON, from time to time, lecturers from famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University are arranged to do advanced management skills and business training to help them continue to create value in Dane for a long time. A new employee who just entered JUNON said that I was surprised and moved by the fact that in the past August, my HR colleagues brought me a beautiful cake to celebrate my birthday. Surprisingly, the company did not expect to remember the birthday of each new employee. It was moved that this small cake made me feel the warmth of "home" and inspired me to quickly integrate into the JUNON family. It also increases the sense of belonging to JUNON Switch!