JUNON Sales In Alibaba Foreign Trade New Forces Competition

- Oct 30, 2019-

In recent days, Alibaba platform organized a new force called foreign trade PK competition, JUNON Switch also sent a foreign trade salesman to participate in the competition.

In fact, the purpose of sending representatives to participate in the competition is not to win the rankings or anything, aiming to learn from successful peers, absorb the strengths of others and turn them into their own.switch in alibaba 1

For example, the following contestant is very powerful:

A after 90’s of liberal arts women, engaged in the machinery industry for 3 years, successfully transitioned from foreign trade to order battle, using Ali RFQ to win 2 million large orders, through the conversion of multiple large customers through enquiry, more than 95 % of orders from Alibaba. Good at customer portrait analysis and old customer maintenance, return rate is high.

1. super professional customer follow-up, detailed and specific professional customer tracking, win a large order

2. pay attention to RFQ: See ultra-high quality RFQ, contact customers after the invitation to see the factory, a one-time win of 2 million orders

3. through the digital customer portrait analysis, new customers ordered quickly, old customers return to a high rate

switch in alibaba 4 

The success of these points is indeed a good thing that our new and old salesmen must learn. We hope that through this activity, our salesmen will have a higher sense of crisis and be better able to operate the Ali platform to promote our switches and sockets . Use it to win more inquiries and get orders.