JUNON Product Sealing Management

- Jul 08, 2019-

JUNON Product Sealing Management


On Monday morning of the new week, the manager of the engineering department, the manager of the quality department, and the relevant sales staff of the Ministry of Foreign Trade went to JUNON JUN’AN branch to sign the samples of distribution boxes .

distribution box 1

JUNON has always paid more attention to quality management. After the distribution box was moved from the LELIU headquarters to the JUN’AN branch company, it rearranged the seals of old and new orders. This compares the products of future products with the seals, mainly visually. Because many raw materials and products have characteristic parameters, the sample of the visit and the official production of the comparative product seal sample provide a comparative benchmark for future consistency.


Our company has always insisted on this operation because:

The seal sample is a (qualified) sample that is set by mutual approval when certain standards of the two parties are not uniform (especially for appearance).

 distribution box 4


1.    To avoid customers say that they are not qualified, the supplier said that they are qualified to pull the state

2.    Avoid mass delivery quality decline

3.    Intuitive and effective



The methods of seal sample type, definition, principle, procedure, product acceptance, seal sample management and seal sample modification are specified.

More effective support for incoming inspection work to provide a basis for incoming inspection to provide standard sample comparison.


I think that this is one of the reasons why JUNON's long-term adherence to the practice of sealing samples is also one of the reasons why JUNON's distribution box quality has been recognized as good in the industry for many years. JUNON will continue to adhere to it. To provide consumers with more quality and more stable products, such as distribution box, switch & socket, LED lights !