JUNON Outstanding Dealers Recognition Conference(Zhongshan District)

- Sep 16, 2019-

Warmly congratulate the Zhongshan regional dealers to visit us to inspect both outstanding dealers recognition conference(Zhongshan region) held smoothly!


On the afternoon of September 11, about 100 customers from the Zhongshan area of the South China Ministry of Commerce visited the JUNON Switch Leliu headquarters. They expressed their satisfaction with the rigorous process of automated production and testing of our products and deeply understood why JUNON products were well known and can win with quality in the market.

switch factory visiting 1

Then they also went to JUNON Switch Junan branch to visit the production process of distribution boxes and LED lamps. They also praised it.

Subsequently, JUNON Switch also organized a dinner party and commended the outstanding dealers in Zhongshan. There was also a lucky draw at the dinner party and a grand prize was sent out. The dealers were all happy and ended the JUNON trip with laughter.

JUNON Switch can sell well in the Zhongshan area and become a household name. Of course, thanks to the efforts of JUNON dealers, and hope that in the future, JUNON Switch can continue to sell well and win with dealers!