JUNON New Product Tianyue Series Launch Conference

- Jul 05, 2018-

       On July 3, 2018, the sky is clear and the morning glow and the clouds reflect each other. It is as beautiful as a water oil painting, which also implies that good things are coming. On the same day, under the good weather background, Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. held a new product promotion meeting in the international conference hall on the third floor of Longjiang country garden in Foshan, Guangdong, and invited customers from all provinces to the site.


This new product promotion meeting mainly introduced the new product -- Tianyue bezel-less switch & socket (LJ series). This series of new products is based on the trend of the market trend, combined with the overall board popular elements, into the color effect derived from The Times boutique.


At 8:45 a.m., agents and customers from all over the world came to the site to sign in person and were seated by the staff of the department of commerce of JUNON electric appliances. Each table has a display board for customers to see the installation of Tianyue series (LJ series) switch & socket, as well as the picture album and price list of the new products for customers to look through.


Before the meeting began, the screen will automatically play JUNON electrical appliances nearly two years of best-selling products advertising. In addition, JUNON electrical appliances also set up a special product exhibition area, to show the customer our V20 multimedia wiring box and V8+ dynamic adjustment of distribution box, ground socket, and the best-selling series switch & socket, such as “Quyun 86” series (RJ series) product, p series products and Tianyue new switch & socket, and R&D staff standing in the corresponding area to introduce products and answer customer confusion.


At 9 o 'clock in the morning, under the light of crystal lights, the whole venue was magnificent. Assistant Liang of the ministry of commerce, as the host, took JUNON history as the prelude and kicked off the new product promotion meeting.


The new product promotion meeting of Tianyue officially began. Mr. Lu Yijiang, managing director and deputy general manager of JUNON electric appliances, had an in-depth discussion from the aspects of the company's development history and purpose, product advantages and quality, and gradually transitioned to the research and development of Tianyue according to the product development history, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent product introduction. 



Then, manager Huang of R&D department introduces the series of Tianyue switch&socket in terms of product features, unique structure and details, and compares them with similar products in the market to summarize the product advantages of Tianyue switch&socket. During the period, colleagues from the r&d department also sent some parts of Tianyue switch&socket to agents and customers on site to watch, so that customers can truly feel the quality of JUNON. 


        In addition, how can a good product lack of excellent marketing policies. After the product explanation by manager Huang of R&D department, director Chen of our department of commerce also took the stage to introduce the marketing policy of Tianyue series switch&socket. At the event site, director Chen made a series of marketing policies for major suppliers' reference based on market analysis and his own brand advantages, explained the details and details of the policy, and also announced preferential policies on the site, so that customers are full of expectations for the new product. 


After a series of product explanation and policy introduction, we also came to the climax of this new product promotion meeting -- ordering. The scene atmosphere upsurge, each big customer friend has the strong interest to the Tianyue new switch&socket, in turn places the order to the finance department to enjoy the preferential treatment. Time also is in imperceptibly elapse, the number that place an order still is in ceaseless growth. 


At 12 o 'clock, the intense ordering link is over, the staff and customers present for a group photo. After the group photo, we moved to the next door phoenix porch Chinese restaurant for dinner. During the lunch, in addition to sumptuous food, our staff will also talk with customers very happily, the atmosphere is harmonious.

After the lunch at 1:30, JUNON electric organized all the customers to visit our production base (Junan and Leliu). Good time is always in a hurry to pass, imperceptibly sunset and the sky has been integrated, the customer visited the two major production base, came to the Guangdong Foshan poly fu villa Jinfeng store for dinner. Good friend gets together always disapprobate time is brief, JUNON electric equipment and each good friend get together really not easy, take advantage of this Tianyue is tasted promote meeting, we make good friend of wine yan huan wide, talk freely together big development, create future foundation course hand in hand.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the new product promotion meeting of Tianyue. Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. would like to thank all friends from afar for coming to the site in person, and also thank the site staff for their active cooperation, which drew a perfect full stop for the promotion meeting. Welcome friends from all over the world to continue to pay attention to our JUNON electrical products. With your expectation, we will work harder, stick to the purpose and quality, and create products that not only conform to the trend of The Times but also facilitate people's life. Let us look forward to, together with the planning of our career blueprint, work together to create a brilliant future, so that the existence of the eternal JUNON.