JUNON Love Action

- Sep 05, 2019-

"With love and dreams, actions together "-This afternoon, JUNON switch as one of the Leliu Yong Entrepreneurs Association members went to Jiangyi and Huang Lian two villages, visited four families who were disabled and poor.

switch love action 1

According to their wishes, they sent them to wheelchairs, learning machines, and crutches. Toilet armrests, etc., help them "dreams come true", and send them oil, rice, moon cakes and other items on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and wish them a happy holiday in advance.

switch love action 2 

switch love action 3

Next, JUNON switch will be together with the association will continue to organize members to help 16 families achieve " dreams come true " before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Practice social responsibility.

swtich certificates

JUNON switch & socket company is one of the famous company in Shunde area, which has always been committed to the contribution of society, fulfill its social responsibilities, and seek benefits for the people of Shunde.