JUNON LJ Series Switch & Socket Promotion Conference Summarize

- Jul 03, 2019-

JUNON LJ series switch & socket Promotion Conference Summarize

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The JUNON LJ series switch & socket have been launched. The company has launched a grand new product promotion conference throughout the country. It has been successfully held in Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces.

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Just as JUNON launched "Dark Horse" new LJ series borderless switch & socket this year. The development of this series of new products keeps up with the market trend, constantly sums up and improves and refined products. It not only combines fashion elements but also injects innovative technology, both inside and outside.

At the on-site presentation of the new product, the director of the R&D department of JUNON will also conduct a comprehensive analysis of the LJ series of products, from R&D inspiration to product testing to interpret its market positioning and quality assurance. The macro-to-micro details will highlight its selling point advantage. And through the field experiment comparison results confirmed the superiority of the super-wire copper piece and V-type terminals, so that everyone can more intuitively feel the quality and care of the products.

The director of the research and development department of JUNON once said that LJ series spent a lot of time in the early stage of research and development to solve the shortcomings of the large-board switch products on the market, and constantly improved from the perfection. Through the speech of the R&D director, we deeply felt that although Lj series is not the originator of the big board switch, it is indeed the most intimate one. It really is a decades old brand and worthy of long-term trust.

So far, the JUNON LJ series New Product Promotion Conference has successfully been held dozens. Thanks to the support of friends from all corners of the country over the years. The success of the promotion meeting symbolizes that the friendship will go further between everyone and JUNON.

Let us work together to create a glorious history, write a grand blueprint for the business, and push the brand to the world to complete a qualitative leap.

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