- Jul 24, 2019-



In order to further understand the Vietnamese market and help our Vietnamese guests better explore the local market and surrounding markets, July 16-20, JUNON switch & socket Company and the related staff visited the Vietnamese market.


Our schedule as follows:

On the 16th, we visited the Ho Chi Minh Electric Exhibition (our guests also applied for a booth). Our leaders went to give some guidance.

Vietnam visiting 1

On the 17th, visited one of our agents.

18-19th Visit to the market

Vietnam visiting 2

According to the translation, the Vietnamese market is relatively scattered, and there are several markets where we buy and sell our products. They are the Kim Bient market and the hardware street in the first district. It is not very concentrated. In the market, we see that for the switch and sockets products, the local market is selling better or some of the major international brands, such as Schneider and Panasonic. There are also several local Vietnamese brands, such as SINO. However, in general, the Vietnamese economy is not very developed, so the positioning of products can not be too high. One store owner told us that the current market situation in Vietnam is this way, with the high-end 20 %, 30 %, and the other 50 % being mid-range products. Because of their low level of consumption, the average worker's salary is about 1,600 RMB per month.

Through two days of market visits, we also realized that we can only cooperate with Vietnamese agents to make some mid-range switches and socekts, and allow them to occupy more market share in Vietnam. After all, it is difficult to compete with those major international brands.