How To Plan Customer Visits And Meetings

- Sep 19, 2019-

The enterprise has invested manpower and material resources, the business has made great efforts, the customer has finally determined the visiting schedule. Are you really ready for your customers’ visiting?

In order to know more and have a good impression to customer, JUNON Switch sent 2 sales people to attend this training.

switch company visiting training 1

Course Content

1.    Planning of customer visit schedule (1. Assessing customer visit objectives 2. Planning meeting materials and personnel 3. Developing conference strategy 4. Forming reception plan)

2.    Three major objectives of customer inspection: business, factory affairs, and business

3.    Planning and scheduling skills

4.    Conference implementation and rhythm control

5.    Ice breaking and consensus-building

6.    Planning and achievement of conference outcomes


This training’s lecturer is Leo, he is a special lecturer at Focus Business School. Shenzhenshizhuo partner, chief market Operations officer. Responsible for the supply chain and quality management in the Asia-Pacific region of a certain world's top 500 companies.

Visits to more than 30 countries; Years of experience in combat and team management of foreign trade

switch company visiting training 3

He uses his special and humorous way to share with us below:

1. The process and outcome of a customer visit is determined from the outset-how to manage the planning of a customer visit?

2. Clarity about the purpose of the customer's visit is the key to success-three major demands for customer visits

3. How to make effective meeting arrangements during a customer's visit -- do you really have a meeting?

4. Customer visits are usually arranged in other ways, and even more so in your industry-how to "commandeer" the customer's trip to China

5. How to receive customers in an efficient and orderly manner in every department of the enterprise.

switch company visiting training 2 

Through this 2 hours training, I think the JUNON switch staff know more about how to handle the visiting and how to prepare well for customers’ visiting. It is very useful specially for the coming Canton Fair in October. Hope the JUNON guys will learn in order to practice, and will get better feedback next month.