How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Switch Socket?

- Jul 18, 2018-

At present, there are many types of wall switches on the market. There are various drawbacks in design and material selection, which will endanger our personal safety at any time. Therefore, we need to choose carefully when purchasing wall switches. How do we learn how to distinguish between good and bad switch sockets?

Internal structure design is not reasonable

In the switch, the country requires a clearance of not less than 3mm. The inferior switch does not meet the requirements, and the spark generated by the switch at the moment of disconnection is very strong, resulting in the temperature of the contact surface, melting the metal on the contact surface, and prolonging the disconnection time of the circuit, posing a serious threat to child safety. .

Low rated load, easy to overload

In the switch socket, there are signs of rated voltage and current. When the power of the lamps and electrical appliances connected in the circuit is too large, the current passing through the working circuit will increase with the increase of power, causing the current through the switch socket to exceed the rated current. Current.

Use inferior materials, cut corners

The switch socket is made of inferior plastic material, its heat resistance is low, flame retardancy, impact resistance and aging resistance are very poor, which will lead to the decline of the comprehensive performance of the switch socket, and can not guarantee the normal use of the switch socket. Use will cause a safety hazard to electricity in the home.