How To Clean The Interior Of The Wall Switch Socket?

- Sep 27, 2018-

The cleaning inside the wall switch socket, whether it is a common button switch or a socket, will also enter the hole of the socket through the cracked place, and then accumulate in it. After a long time, there will be some safety hazards.

When we clean the wall switch socket, we need to open the switch socket panel and the box to clean the dust inside. Therefore, we must first close the switch, then open the cover and gently brush the wall switch socket with a small brush. Inside, you can also blow it inside with a blower to ensure that dust and debris are completely removed.

It is often necessary to clean our wall switch sockets to avoid short circuits and non-energization.

The home wall switch is turned on and off with the opposite direction, and the left hand is left with the right hand. Most of the switches in the home are installed on the left side of the door, which is convenient to open with the right hand after entering the door. There are many types of household switch sockets to distinguish, so what kind of home switch socket is right for us?

1. The opening direction of the entrance door adjacent to the wall switch is the right side.

2, the general entrance switch is recommended to use the prompt light, to provide convenience for night use. Otherwise the wall on the side of the switch will be dirty for a long time. Exploring the lights, always put a lot of psychological pressure on the timid MM.