How To Choose A Switch Socket?

- Mar 02, 2019-

The use of switch sockets is very wide in life. How to choose switch sockets is one of the concerns of people in daily life. Good switch socket is easy to use, safe and reliable, durable, and has a certain decorative effect. In order to let everyone choose the switch, they can choose the products they are satisfied with. Here are some common knowledge about how to choose a switch socket.

Before we understand how to choose a switch socket, let's take a brief look at the relevant knowledge of the switch socket. First of all, what is a switch socket? A switch socket is an electrical switch and socket that is used on a wall. It is a household appliance used to connect and disconnect circuits. Sometimes it can be decorated for aesthetic reasons.

What are the types of switch sockets? How to choose the switch size material?

The switches currently available on the market are Type 86, Type 118, Type 120 and Type 146 switches. Different types of switches are primarily distinguished from their panel size and design.

Type 86 switch: The appearance of the switch socket is square, the outer dimensions are 86mm×86mm, and the type 86 is an international standard. It is the most commonly used switch in engineering and home improvement in most areas of China.

Type 118 switch: Type 118 switch generally refers to a horizontally mounted long switch. Type 118 switches are generally freely combined: they are assembled by inserting different functional modules into the frame. Generally divided into small box, middle box and large box, the long size is 118mm, 154mm, 195mm, the width is generally 74mm

120 switch: 120 common modules are based on 1/3 standard, that is, on a vertical standard 120mm × 74mm panel, the next three 1/3 standard modules can be installed. Modules are divided into 1/3, 2/3, and 1 by size.

Type 146 switch: The width is twice that of the ordinary switch socket. For example, some four-position switches, ten-hole sockets, etc., the panel size is generally 86mm × 146mm or the like, and the center distance of the mounting hole is 120.6mm.