How Many Amps Do You Choose Socket For Air Conditioning Outlets?

- Mar 17, 2019-

Summer is coming, everyone in the summer of pharyngitis likes to turn on the air conditioner. It is a high-powered electrical appliance, so the switch socket and the switch socket of the peacetime lamp are different. The summer temperature is high and the frequency of the switch is high. At this time, we will To carry out a series of dust-proof treatment on the wall switch socket, the wall switch socket manufacturer reminds everyone that dust will block the heat dissipation function of the socket, and even in a serious case, it will cause a fire. It is best to unplug the socket when not in use, which ensures that no power is wasted and the switch socket can be protected.

The choice of air conditioning switch socket can not be like the ordinary switch socket, because we all know that the power of the air conditioner is very large, if you choose a wall switch with small parameters, it is easy to accident. Generally, the household switch sockets used in other places are 10A, and the air conditioner power is much larger, so we can't choose 10A.

If the air conditioner in the home is 1.5 horses or 10A can be used, it is recommended to install the 16A socket for the safety period. If it is a large air conditioner, choose a larger 20A socket.

In addition to the quality of the switch socket, it is also necessary to look at its parameters at the time of purchase, in order to be safer to use.