Heavy Rain VS Warm Hearts

- May 29, 2019-

Heavy Rain VS Warm Hearts

A touching scene happened at the gate of JUNON distribution box and LED lights branch factory.

On this heavy rainy morning, the enthusiasm of JONON volunteers did not dampen. Volunteers of JUNON switch & socket company are directing employees to work in an orderly manner in the rain, avoiding any damage due to heavy rain, even if the whole body is wet. It's really touching.

This is the spirit of JUNON – a 36 years' history factory for switch and socket manufacturing.

Enterprise culture

Target: To create first-rate brand and establish outstanding enterprise

Purpose: To manufacture the safest and most practical electric products in China

Spirit: innovative , devoted and personnel-oriented

Team-work spirit: To develop the high value of enterprise is need to serious,efficience,and harmonious staffs.

Creative spirit: To fasten the continued developing of enterprise is by steady innovation which is the most important competitive force.

Dedication spirit: The culture of enterprise can't develop without all staffs.

Professional spirit: "Faith can move mountains" All the staffs make better products with true heart.

Never afraid of the heavy rain as well as any difficulty,we believe that JUNON switch & socket factory can come over it!