Guizhou Friends This JUNON Trip Is Worth It!

- Dec 16, 2019-

December 10 is a good day to travel. Guizhou partners arrived at JUNON Switch production base by express, and the staff warmly welcomed Guizhou friends.

Guizhou dealers from the JUNON Switch production injection workshop to the automation workshop, large-scale equipment and mechanized configuration let them sigh the maturity of JUNON technology. From small parts to injection parts, every process is controlled by strict data, which is the advantage of automation.

switch factory visiting 3

In the production of JUNON products such as switches and sockets, most of them are assembled and manufactured by automatic process, which greatly reduces the error caused by data deviation and improves the quality and hard strength of JUNON products.

switch factory visiting 4

Huang Fenglan , chief commercial officer of Southwest China, brought Guizhou friends to JUNON switch lab. all the products to be put on the market need to stay here for an experimental cycle. Only after the quality inspector confirms that the products are up to the standard can they be officially "graduated".

Every product in the hands of consumers has experienced rigorous technology and strict testing, so JUNON's quality is trustworthy, which is also an important reason for dealers in Guizhou to support JUNON brand. Its strength cannot be ignored.

We are deeply impressed by the product technology we just saw. It is like opening the door of the new world and increasing the trust in JUNON brand. Back in the exhibition hall, a variety of products have successfully attracted the attention of Guizhou friends. The lighting is exquisite and appropriate, and the circuit breaker is complete in style, which is very exciting.

switch factory visiting 2

Then we will sit down and have in-depth communication with the engineers of R & D department and quality department to answer the doubts in our life. After the explanation of the engineer, we found that the same products of different series are very excellent. We hesitated in the two products, but only children would choose. Guizhou friends said I wanted all of them.

Finally, I also gave a learning speech on marketing with manager Jiang. Manager Jiang shared his experience of more than 30 years. He had a good talk and took a group photo.

switch factory visiting 1

When friends get together, there will always be departures. Time will pass by inadvertently. The visit to JUNON switch base will end with the sunset. Guizhou friends also started their trip to Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. I wish you all the best and thank you for your support and trust.