Google Training

- Jul 26, 2019-

Google Training


Activity Theme:

The data showed that 46 per cent of procurement staffs were under 34 years of age, an increase of 70 per cent over the past two years. Overseas procurement staff were getting younger and younger, and the procurement process is gradually shifting from offline to online. How can foreign trade enterprises seize the trend of online transformation and improve the efficiency of online exhibitions through online data empowerment? How to become passive, stand out in many industries and effectively win buyers 'attention and trust? How accurate layout of foreign trade peak season, from the flow of detonation sales, create new sales miracle?

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About Instructors:

TOMAS GOOLE, General Manager, Sea Experience Centre

Three years of experience in electronic product development, procurement and production, 15 years of experience in B2B trade media sales and management, and rich experience in helping companies to use websites, exhibitions to expand overseas markets, and how to manage corporate image.

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Key Points:

1. Before the exhibition, how to seize the lifeblood of overseas digital marketing, multi-dimensional efforts, for the exhibition full drainage?

2. During the exhibition, how to quickly capture the buyer's favor, quickly one step, win the trade opportunity

3. Case analysis: draw on the successful experience of peers, with the help of multiple channels to promote the growth of foreign trade orders!