Fire Inspection In JUNON Switch&socket Factory

- May 21, 2019-

Fire Inspection in JUNON switch&socket factory

As we all know, there have been many fire and explosion accidents in the surrounding enterprises and business premises. Therefore, as a manufacturer of switch and socket, which is a factory that store a certain amount of plastic, Packaging materials, etc.we have to pay more attention to fire control work, the implementation of the safety production system and the raising of fire safety awareness among all our employees.

The company leader believes that if the fire safety work is not done well, if there is a fire, not only the company's property will be lost, but also the lives of employees will be endangered, and even the families of employees will be implicated.

So JUNON switch and socket factory’s leader attached great importance to the fire safety work of the company. In the early morning, the leaders conduct a blanket inspection. The inspection items include: fire fighting facilities, safety passages, flammable oil storage, cargo storage, elevator maintenance, etc.

Finally, the leaders are satisfied with the company's fire safety production work. That is JUNON switch & socket’s Slogan: Safety House Need JUNON!