Famous LED Light Supplier's Staff Joined In Lecture Of Google ADS

- Jun 17, 2019-

Famous LED light supplier's staff joined in lecture of Google ADS


As a famous brand company in Shunde area, JUNON, as one of the professional manufacturers of LED light, attended the GOOGLE lecture in the afternoon of 14th June. The Google lecture includes of how to do a good job in marketing websites and content, change the purchasing intentions of new customers.


First of all, Jake explained the scale of Google's planning center and some relatively large cooperative companies, let us know the effect of Google advertising.

Famous LED supplier's staff joined in lecture of Googles ADS1

In order to help companies obtain more orders and improve the quality of enquiries, Mr. Henry analyzed the current situation in the international market and shared some cases of foreign trade success.

Famous LED supplier's staff joined in lecture of Google ADS2 

The course of Google lecture mainly includes:

1. Ten minutes to sort out and optimize the Google Ads account structure

2. The senior operations team teaches you how to use the analysis tools to understand the customer browsing behavior.

3. How to layout the high-conversion URL content and how to optimize it  that can improve the advertising performance of ten times

4. Shared the inquiry case of the foreign trade website with high efficiency


Mr. Henry was sharing experience is full, the participants have taken notes and asked more questions about the Google Ads, the meeting has achieved remarkable results, and the atmosphere is still high. The JUNON LED light’s staff said that will be attending the similar foreign trade courses next time.

Famous LED supplier's staff joined in lecture of Google ADS3