Customers’ Visited In JUNON Distribution Box& LED Factory

- May 30, 2019-

Customers’ Visited in JUNON distribution box& LED factory 

On May 27th, customers form Sichuan have visited Leliu JUNON switch & socket factory, and On May 28th, they visited Junan JUNON distribution box & LED factory. Customers are attracted by our advanced equipment and good production environment.

This time, they also visited the injection workshop. They were surprised that our injection molding machines are fully automated .The distribution box is the one of hot sale products of our company, there are have many series of the distribution box you can choose. And the customers asked the distribution box supply ability, JUNON distribution box factory can provide 300,000 pcs per month.

Our customers were also deeply impressed by JUNON’s Strong Productive Capacity:

  1. The factories covers area of 68000m² of Leliu Head office and 80000m²of Jun an branch factory.

  2. We have total 2000 employees, and about 100 of them are for research, 100 of them are for quality control.

  3. Production capability:

 Switch & socket : 800,000 to 1,000,000 pcs per month

 Distribution box: 300,000 pcs per month

 Distribution board: 30,000 pcs per month

 LED lights: 35,000 pcs per month

 4. Total production line: 36 lines

 5. Total injection machine: 81 pcs

 6. Total punching machine: 124 pcs

 7. Automatic machine : 130 pcs

 8. Testing machine: 30 pcs

 9. Dustless workshop equipment: 86 pcs


The customers were very satisfied with JUNON distribution box and about this visited, they promised they will continue to support us as always !

Customers' Visited in JUNON distribution box & LED factory