Chengdu | LJ Series New Switch & Socket Promotion Conference

- Jun 26, 2019-

Chengdu | LJ series New switch & socket Promotion Conference

On Tuesday, under the rainstorm, it still can't stop the pace of Chengdu's dealers and friends, and the winds of the big ones can't keep up with their enthusiasm for the JUNON LJ series New switch & socket Promotion Conference.

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In the afternoon, Guangdong JUNON songtian electrical appliance co., Ltd. held a new product launch conference at the four-star hotel in Chengdu. The weather is not as good as expected, but the friends of Chengdu dealers still do not change, and sign on the scene on time, we are honored to that.


First, Mr. He Tanghong, the general manager of Chengdu Santong Store, gave an opening speech.

After Mr. He’s speech, Ms. Huang Fenglan, Sales Director of Southwestern Region of JUNON Electric, showed the corporate culture knowledge and product chain information of JUNON Electric, and also showed the new masterpiece of JUNON Electric---LJ series borderless switch & socket.

In addition to introducing company information and LJ series switch & socket information, Manager Huang also interacted with on-site friends and held prize-winning questions and answers. The atmosphere was high. According to the situation on the spot, the local dealers are also very familiar with the products of our company. From the styles to the size, the details are almost always answered and accurate.


Immediately thereafter, Mr. Hou Boliang, the project manager of Chengdu Santong store, gave a speech and detailed his excellent team. It is a professional brand service team. The main responsibility is to cooperate with dealers to assist in shopping environment upgrade. And maintenance, assist dealer product promotion activities, LJ series switch & socket display, after-sales follow-up, is the strong backing of dealers. Due to the existence of this professional team, the dealers are full of confidence in the company and trust the brand strength of JUNON.

Catch this wave of enthusiasm, Manager Huang generously showed the promotion policy and preferential information of this new product—LJ series light switch & socket, the scene response is good, everyone is very interested. Then it is an important ordering session at the conference.  The front desk ordering office was crowded and the order was hot. The order volume in the afternoon is more than 500,000.


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