Break Through The Socket To Ensure Safe Use Of Electricity

- Mar 09, 2019-

Small to socket heating, loose plugs, poor contact, large to leakage, short circuit, overload or even burning, the safety accident caused by the use of inferior sockets is not uncommon. Once it is brewed, it will damage the electrical appliances and threaten the safety of users. ,The consequences could be disastrous. Choosing a quality switch socket is very important for power safety.

The quality socket is uniform in color, sophisticated in materials, fine in workmanship and very textured. The person in charge of the breakthrough electric R&D center explained that due to different material selection and structural design, after a period of use of the inferior socket, the internal copper structure is easily deformed and displaced, resulting in poor contact between the plug and the insert sleeve, and a long working time. If it is hot, it will be hot and hot, causing accidents such as short circuit and fire. And the love double-action protection door design that breaks through the socket, after the product has been inserted and removed more than 5,000 times, the love double-action protection door needs 40 Newton (equivalent to 4 kg pressure) to be evenly inserted to prevent the elderly and children from inserting. The possibility of electric shock can better protect the safety of the user's family.

The size of the plug and socket is not acceptable. The dimension inspection is mainly to check whether the type and size of the plug and socket are designed and produced according to the flat plug and socket system of our country. It is related to the plug and socket of the same type that can be inserted into each other and the plugs and sockets of different types cannot be inserted. It is related to the plug and socket. Is it possible to use and safely use the problem?