B2C Introduction To Digital Marketing At Sea

- Jun 28, 2019-

B2C Introduction to Digital Marketing at Sea


In order to know more about Google, promote our switch & sockets products, as well as the distribution box and LED lights, on June 26 (Wednesday) 14:00 -16:30, JUNON Electrical joint the course of Google Center.


From the transformation of traditional foreign trade to do cross-border e-commerce B2C, choose platform or independent station easier to start? Which categories are more forward-looking? How to get more traffic in precision categories at lower cost? How to build an excellent independent station to improve the conversion rate? Google gold teacher and you face to face, to tell you the success story of the B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers!

B2C Introduction to Digital Marketing at Sea2


Course highlights:

1. Fully grasp the opportunities and development trends of cross-border e-commerce overseas markets;

2.  Each online traffic channel face view, teach you to build optimal channel strategy;

3.  With the help of Google data to reveal the growth trend of the category, decoding explosives strategy;

4.  Use Google to detonate online traffic, help you increase foreign trade orders.

B2C Introduction to Digital Marketing at Sea3


Although the course is only a short two and a half hours, this is very helpful to the operation of our GOOGLE SEO, and it plays a guiding role in the optimization and direction of the next website. Our company will continue to do a good job of optimization work, so that JUNON switches, sockets, distribution boxes, LED lights can be better sold around the world.