Alibaba Training

- Jul 16, 2019-

Alibaba Training


On July 15th, Alibaba hold a training in Longjiang Town , the topic is "How to row windows and Ali Shops Planning". JUNON as one of the gold supplier of switch and socket products , must need to attend this training to make our ali shop works better.  

alibaba training1

Zhangyan, senior operating director of the pilot electronics business, told you how to deploy the window, how to design the Ali Shop that attracts buyers, and how to conduct market analysis. Peer research, How to plan for different industries.

alibaba training 3

In fact, JUNON’s Ali shop is not as good as we hope so, so this training gave us many ideas of how to improve our shops and let more buyer can visit our shops and send us inquiry. I think this will help us a lot to sell more of our switch and socket products, and get more orders from Alibaba.

alibaba training2