A Big Day For JUNON Switch

- Dec 10, 2019-

On December 9, 2019, a nice and sunny day, ushered in the wedding day of the eldest son of Boss Lu Shitao, one of the directors of JUNON Switch company.

switch boss son wedding 2

JUNON Switch also invited several important customers from abroad, including our "old friends" from Vietnam, general agent from Hong Kong, etc. Especially Vietnamese customers, they also participated in the process of picking up the bride, and felt a Chinese wedding, very happy.

switch boss son wedding 1 

More than 100 dinner tables, invited the suppliers of JUNON Switch company as well as the major domestic customers, and of course, the staff of our office building of JUNON Switch , we all enjoyed a luxurious and delicious wedding banquet.


We hope that the performance of JUNON Switch will be booming, and that our customers' business will be bigger and bigger, and we will move towards a win-win and brilliant future together.