- Mar 25, 2019-

JUNON is about to usher in the 35th birthday, but suddenly the staff assembly, what is going on?


In a quiet night, I’m writing an article in the office seriously overtime.

Suddenly a shout broke the silence of the night, the ups and downs of the sound successfully aroused my curiosity.


Leaving the office building near the sound source, like the Lu ban hiding in the grass, obscene to look.


They look like this in my second world,


And they look like this in reality.

Excuse me?What is this? Collective pick up the goods?

Is there a big secret operation at night?

I seem to have discovered something extraordinary.

A batch of panic now, just eat the same hot dog of President Wang to get over a shock


Full stomach after the xiaobian decided to go to find out, the original is that they are warming up for tomorrow's factory race, in addition to this exciting tug-of-war competition, there are other projects in progress.


『 Exciting tension of tug-of-war heats 』

The two players tried their best to pull the red ribbon close to their own strength


 『 A thrilling preliminary round of table tennis

Players of both sides smash the ball left and kill the ball right, making the whole game like a martial arts game, and you don't want to miss every moment.


The atmosphere was kept alive by the clever dribbling skills of the players, as well as the rush to dunk.


『 The highly competitive 4 x 100 relay heats

Athletes compete at exciting speeds like scud warriors.

『 Fresh and interesting ladder race heats

Consider team spirit and speed competition ladder competition, fresh projects, fun play, exciting competition


On the eve of the 35th anniversary of JUNON electric appliance, we are not only accompanied by the exciting project competition, but also the persistent and tenacious spirit of JUNON. We hope that the feelings can be continued.


Imperceptibly, we have trials and hardships of the 35th anniversary, leaving in addition to innocent times and joint efforts of sweat and wisdom crystallization.


Perhaps the future will be as deep as a black hole, as unpredictable as the weather, but one thing is eternal, is our company.

How many ten years in life,

We accompany you to spend.

Here I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to


on its 35th birthday. I wish JUNON Factory Day success on November 18.

--- END ---