2019 JUNON Switch Tourist Outpost

- Jul 31, 2019-

Today, the company's annual travel is finally posted the latest news! The whole JUNON Switch company was filled with a cheering atmosphere.

switch tour

JUNON Switch company as a well-known company in the switch & socket field, in addition to well-known good quality products, but also his excellent corporate culture. The annual tour is one of JUNON's corporate culture.

JUNON Switch company’s annual tour has lasted for more than 10 years. For eligible employees, they and their families are rewarded once a year. The time is usually set for August, because considering that the employees ' children are in the summer vacation, they can take the children together and have family fun in this tour !

Now, let's see the options of this year's travel .

Line 1: Shenzhen Overseas Chinese City Double Valley + Five Star Buffet Dinner 2-day Tour

switch tour 1

Line 2: Macau Two-day Tour(Sands 888 Lunch Buffet)

switch tour 2

Employees can choose one of the lines according to their own preferences.

Travel time is set in August 15-16, we will send you the relevant wonderful review, please look forward to! Hope JUNON people will enjoy this tour. And continue to provide customer a good quality switch& socket after this good trip J