2019 JUNON Switch & Socket Company’s Staffs Travel

- Jul 19, 2019-

2019 JUNON Switch & Socket Company’s staffs travel


The hot summer is the best time to play in the water. JUNON Switch & Socket Company in order to thank the excellent employees who have made contributions to the company for a long time, it’s specially carrying out the 2019 employee welfare tourism activities.

Welcome to Hengqin Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

2019 JUNON Switch&Socket Comany's staffs travel1

This trip makes this summer not hot and stuffy, but full of laughter.  All of JUNON switch & socket’s staff were enjoy the trip.


Whale Shark Museum -- A dazzling array of marine life is swimming, it is said that this is the world's largest aquarium, can see many unknown species of fish.


Polar exploration-- the halls are inhabited by cute polar bears, chubby penguins and proud snow foxes.


In addition to the famous aquarium, there is a dolphin theater, everyone gathered together, watching the Performance of sea lions and dolphins, it’s wonderful and vivid.

2019 JUNON Switch&Socket Comany's staffs travel2


What I like most is the Sea Defense War (fireworks display) at night. Fireworks are blooming in the wide night sky, so beautiful that it is hard to forget. With the lyrical music, it is full of romantic feelings.

2019 JUNON Switch&Socket Comany's staffs travel3


Summary: the welfare of other company is giving rice and oil, the welfare of our JUNON Switch & Socket Company is travel. Welcome to join in JUNON family.