Round Ceiling Light

Model No.:JL-XD24W28F
MOQ: 500 pcs
Warranty: 2 years
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

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Round Ceiling Light

JUNON Round Ceiling Light for home indoor bedroom living room, with size of ø405*60 mm


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Main Features:
1. PMMA mask, high light transmittance, uniform brightness and softness, integrated molding process, good flexibility and durability
2. The LED chip is evenly distributed inside the lamp, and the layout is even and reasonable. Each lamp bead covers the high-gloss lens to make the light more pure
3. Small type LED chips are 28, suitable for 6 - 12 square meters of space
4. Large type LED chips are 32, suitable for 10 - 15 square meters of space
5. Large angle of 180 degrees, the upper and lower spaces can be evenly illuminated, making the whole space more comfortable and bright
6. The chassis and the mask are tightly closed, and there is IP20 anti-mosquito dustproof effect. The inside of the lamp body can be kept clean for a long time, which makes you more worry-free
7. High-quality metal chassis, while sturdy and durable, effectively improves the heat dissipation effect and indirectly guarantees the long-term use of the lamp beads
8. Easy to install and clean

Brand: JUNON
Type: Ceiling Light

Shape: Round
Shade Material: PMMA
Color temperature: White light 6000K
CRI: 80Ra
Control method: wall switch (not included)
Power: 24W / 36W
Suggested Space Fit: Bedroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Living Room, Office
Dig out size: ø405*60 mm

Package Contents:
1 x Round Ceiling Light

Round ceiling light 1

The installation and instruction of our Round Ceiling Light

Factory View of Round Ceiling Light


JUNON not only have Round Ceiling Light, also have other LED products such as down light, panel light, fluorescent fitting, switches and sockets, distribution box and electrical accessories. Welcome to contact us to get more information.

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