Why the LED Light Is Getting more and more Dark?

- Sep 30, 2019-

Volt-ampere characteristics of LED lamp beads

The LED lamp bead itself is a diode, LED. The most important characteristic of a diode is its volt-ampere characteristics. The biggest difference between a light-emitting diode and a normal diode is its own temperature characteristics. When the LED lamp bead is working, part of the input power is converted into light output, and a part of the input power is converted into heat, so it works at a high temperature. The increase in temperature first causes the LED's own light output to decrease.            


Light Decay Phenomenon

The so-called light decay is that the brightness of the illuminant is getting lower and lower - this situation is more obvious on incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

LED lights can not avoid light decay. The light decay of LED light products is the weakening of the signal in the transmission, but its light decay rate is relatively slow, and it is difficult to see the change with the naked eye. At present, LED products produced by global LED manufacturers have different degrees of light decay. High-power LEDs also have light decay, which is directly related to temperature, which is mainly determined by chips, phosphors and packaging technologies.