Why does a plug spark when it is unplugged? How to avoid it?

- Aug 29, 2020-

Why does a plug spark when it is unplugged? How to avoid it?


It is normal for electrical appliances to have a weak spark when plugged in.

This is because the general electrical power input mode is: plug - transformer - electrical power switch, that is, once the plug is plugged into the power supply, its transformer will work, and its no-load current will be generated. The moment the plug is inserted into the socket, the point contact is formed between the plug and the electrode of the socket, the relative current is relatively large, and there will be an electric spark (arc). When the plug and socket are well connected, there will be no more sparks.


Ways to avoid it:

1. Plugs and sockets should be kept as free from rust and oxidation as possible.

2. For appliances with switches, try to switch them off first, plug them in, and then turn them on.

3. High-power electrical appliances should not be inserted on the same board as far as possible to avoid danger.

4 try not to let the socket on the ground, because the ground is more or less water, there will be leakage of electricity, there is no ground wire, so it is not very safe, you had better put the socket on the ground at a distance, this is relatively safe.


Extension: Safe use of electricity

(1) Understand the main power switch; learn to turn off the main power in an emergency.

(2) Touch and test the inside of the power socket without using hands or conducting objects (such as wire, nails, pins and other metal products).

(3) Do not touch the electrical appliances with wet hands or wipe them with wet cloth.

(4) Unplug electrical appliances after use; Do not pull the wire hard when plugging or unplugging the power plug, in order to prevent damage to the insulation layer of the wire resulting in electric shock; The insulation skin of the electric wire is peeled off, should replace the new wire in time or wrap with insulating tape.

(5) If someone gets an electric shock, try to turn off the power supply in time; Or use dry sticks and other objects to separate the electroshock from live electrical appliances, do not use your hands to directly save the person; Young students encounter this situation, should call adults to help, do not deal with their own, in case of electric shock.

(6) Do not disassemble or install power lines, sockets, plugs, etc. Even for something as simple as installing light bulbs, turn off the power first.