Why are there two holes in the plug?

- Aug 09, 2020-

Why are there two holes in the plug?


Early Chinese plugs had two holes in them. Why?

A lot of people mistake, the two holes above plug is to decorate plug to appear good-looking, another main effect is when the home adult is not at home, use a small lock to lock the hole. So the children in the home cannot randomly plug in, to prevent the occurrence of safety hazards in the home. In fact, these ideas are wrong.

The designer's original intention was. Many plugs have thin metal contacts. When inserted into the socket, the contacts are clamped by two elastic metal pieces, but they become loose easily. Later, by adding these two holes, the metal contacts can be attached to a raised buckle on the metal piece, which makes the plug stronger and less likely to fall off.


With the development of technology, many manufacturers have increased the thickness of the plugs and changed the deformation of the plugs slightly, so that the plugs can now be inserted very firmly even if there are no holes.


In addition, whether the plug is plugged firmly, also depends on the quality of copper piece in the socket, production process.


Inferior socket copper piece life is not high, easy to relax. The socket is loose and can't be plugged properly, which is a potential safety hazard. Occasionally, the plug does not come into contact with live copper sheet, and when it does, it comes into contact with poor contact. As a result, the joint temperature rises, so it can be burnt and may even cause a fire.

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JUNON has made more stringent regulations on the thickness and deformation capacity of the copper sheet to prevent it from flaking and ensure its quality. The socket of home, use is integral whole does not rivet phosphor bronze piece, contain copper content high, flexibility is good, bear fatigue. The resistance of copper sheet is smaller than that of riveting, the relative heat is smaller, the elasticity is better, the safety coefficient is higher, the electrical conductivity is higher.
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JUNON socket life test 

Early plugs had two holes in them to make them stronger. But, the copper piece quality of socket, production process, is the key.