What you should know about JUNON USB power wall socket?

- Oct 18, 2020-

What you should know about JUNON USB power wall socket?

What is a USB socket?

USB socket is a safe and power-saving universal socket, it belongs to weak electrical products, output power is about 5V.

What you should know about JUNON USB power wall socekt

What you should know about JUNON USB power wall socekt 2

JUNON USB wall socket appearance feature

1. Unique curved design

Smooth streamlined trend

Touch is more comfortable

2. The panel is rich in color

Ability to freely transform combinations

Full of creativity


JUNON USB wall socket characteristics

1. Protection door drive

The USB interface of the socket uses an openable USB protection door

Both protect the USB interface

At the same time, it is a USB power switch

Turn on the protection door and turn on the USB charging power.

The indicator on the interface will light up.

Which is Indicating that the power is turned on normally.

Unplug the data cable when not in use

When the protection door is closed, the USB power is cut off, saving no-load power consumption.

The protection valve will be automatically closed to prevent the dust on the USB interface from affecting the service life of the socket or the phenomenon of poor contact.

2. Fast enough

The USB socket uses DC power to convert strong electricity into weak current.

The socket provides 1000mA current, high current and fast charging

3. Flexible connection

The tightness of the USB socket is just right, not too loose and not too compact

After 5000 insertion and pull tests

Plug and pull strength is guaranteed

4. Easy to use

Inside the USB module of the socket, containing electronic components such as transformers

Convert AC to DC, low voltage output

Allows you to charge directly with the data cable, making it quick and easy


JUNON USB wall socket scope of application

With the application of USB socket

The same type of socket is commonly used in life

And its use is particularly broad

USB socket can also be used during decoration

Install at least one USB socket in each room

Convenient for mobile phones, charging mobile power

The living room also needs

In short, its application range is very wide.

Have endless development space